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Running launchpad remotely

November 4, 2009

Launchpad is a software collaboration platform developed by Canonical (famous for Ubuntu :D). Recently the the launchpad project went open source. This allowed people to host copies of it locally. The process for the installation process could be found here.

The next natural step is to configure remote computers to be able to access launchpad. After following the how-to by launchpad, and trying the access the local copy of launchpad from an external source, the following error is shown by the running launchpad server:

NotFound: Object: <canonical.launchpad.webapp.servers.ProtocolErrorPublication
object at 0x8157b50>, name: ''

The solution to this lies in the /etc/hosts file on the client accessing the lauchpad copy. The file should contain the following:

{ip for server}

{ip for server}

{ip of the server} is the ip of the machine containing the running copy of the launchpad server. Also take care the lines starting with {ip of the server} until an empty line should be a single line in the file. For client systems that are not linux, check out the Wikipedia article concerning hosts for the files equivalent to “/etc/hosts”.

To run launchpad, access

On a side note, when installing launchpad, it does not add scripts for running automatically at startup, this process has to be done manually.


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