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October 29, 2010

Absolutely Don’t Repeat Yourself and Keep It Simple, Stupid! (A DRY KISS) .

DRY and KISS are common concepts between software developers, but are very difficult to follow. Specially when you start with some idea, run with it, and it starts to layer up in complexity. Without even recognizing it goes out of control. With each of there added layers, you might find yourself repeating things without even recognizing the fact.

Drawing the very fine line between simplicity and and complexity is a very difficult task. It gets even more difficult without taking a step back to look at the big picture, the original aim, the purpose.

This is why an external review of the matter by a 3rd party is often vital. It gives perspective that helps the general good. Such a review process is often excruciating, painful, and long. But in the end of day, without it there is no real gain.

A a final note, I believe that A DRY KISS is something to try and follow in general.


HCI Workshop

October 8, 2009

My first experience being involved in a workshop was both exciting and educational. This aimed to introduce different technologies technologies to students of the course. They would then choose a technology to work with a project of their proposal.

The workshop started with my Flex presentation. I followed through the standard sequence of over viewing highlights of the framework and showing sample applications.

Following my presentation was the talk by Mohamed Azab regarding Silverlight and WPF. There was a strong competition between these technologies and Flex during his talk. Such competition is always healthy and gives a chance for people to explore different options to perform the similar development tasks.

The day continued with presentations regarding mobile development platforms, where interesting talks were presented by Bahia El Sharkawy (JAVA-ME) and Mariam Rady (Android Framework).

The workshop concluded with my talk on Multitouch surfaces. It contained an the architecture behind building a multitouch enabled software, and the idea for detecting multiple interaction points. Furthermore, a live demo of the Mini Touch & Write table was demonstrated.

In general, the feedback is very positive, and I hope the talks inspired the students for thinking of highly interactive application ideas.

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