Google instant search: A better spell checker and calculator

One of my main uses for Google search is not the searching, but has slowing move towards often queries just for the sake of spell checking. Recently Google released its instant search. With that, I can easily see my spelling mistakes as I type, no more need to press enter :).

What I found by accident and found it even more useful is using instant search as a calculator. Some of you might know the Google easter egg about the answer to life universe and everything. Google calculator has been part of Google’s search features for some time now. With the instant search, the results of the calculator is also changed live. A cool and useful example (that was the way that made me discover this) is the binomial coefficient function. Give it a try and play around with it here.

Happy lazy calculating šŸ™‚


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3 Responses to “Google instant search: A better spell checker and calculator”

  1. Mostafa Sheshtawy Says:

    Google instant is just awesome !!! But it disappeared here šŸ˜¦
    It’s turned on in my options but I can’t do instant search anymore !

    any idea ?

    • saherneklawy Says:

      working normal with me. It is really weird. They do say that it’s is automatically turned off if it will affect your internet speed. Maybe try also with different browsers

  2. crimi Says:

    I’ve been using google for those 2 things more than searching too! Instant Google is just another thing that makes life easier =D

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