Developer vs. User <=> Driver vs. Mechanic

Hypothesis: The Developer User relation is equivalent to the car driver mechanic relation.

Through my few numbered years of driving in the lovely streets of Cairo, i faced car troubles every now and then. In the case of such circumstances, I head to my trusty mechanic. From here, starts the problem, when I am driving my car, and i notice a problem, it is very difficult to reproduce by the mechanic. Such a reproduction often happens when it’s too late.

Here, comes the fitting analogy, mechanics are car using experts. They manage to use cars in an expert manner, one that hides any possible problems in the car.

The same maps to the computer software users, where they see problems that developers are unable to reproduce, simply because of their computer usage habits that are so much different from that of end users.

Quod Erat Demonstrandum (QED).

Thus, the lesson to learn here is, every time you want to feel like a user, think of yourself driving your car, and weird things starting to happen.



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