Breaking up with your code

A famous quote from The Cathedral and the Bazaar is “Plan to throw one away; you will, anyhow”. This never hits a programmer with it’s true meaning until they have to throw aways a large bit of code base that they invested time and effort in. Coders tend to build an emotional connection towards every letter of code they wrote (I know i sure do). On the other hand, needs arise where obstacles render current software “unfixable”. This confronts with the painful fact that change must be done. Taking an objective stand point in that decision is a tough decision, but facts are fact in face of improvement. In the end of the day, breaking up is tough but a fresh start would most likely end up in more bulletproof code.



2 Responses to “Breaking up with your code”

  1. Hassan Aly Selim Says:

    So True !
    Throwing away code is painful, but making a fresh start and building upon powerful code fells so Great !

  2. Abdallah Elguindy Says:

    Does this have to do with any of our recent decisions?? 😀

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